I want to be a blacksmith

Blacksmithing is crafting metal tools

What is a blacksmith?

When you are a blacksmith you create tools and weapons with scrap metal and freshly smelted ores, it sounds like fun because you need to have some physical strength and you need so artistic skill to, unless you don't plan on designing.

Who needs the services of a blacksmith?

Carpenters, A Samurai, a Medieval war reenactor, just about anyone who plays Skyrim, anyone in the 17th, 18th or 19th century, or someone who hires me to make a metal sculpture.

How could we find out what a day in the life of a blacksmith would be like?

You could become a blacksmith, interview a blacksmith, or even talk to the crew of the youtube channel known as AWE ME
Finn's Golden Sword (Adventure Time) - MAN AT ARMS

Two examples of an event in the average day of a blacksmith

1. Creating a 3D model of the project.

When blacksmithing you can't just go by your gut, a 3D model allows for big projects to be graphed from all angles instead of having to wing it.

2. Heating metals

Well your ablacksmith which usually involves metal molding so you need to heat the metal before molding and or bending it.

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What type of education is needed for this career?

None surprisingly, But there are schools across the U.S. and Canada that offer blacksmithing courses and programs.

Why would someone want to be a blacksmith?

If you like to craft or you like design this might be a good job for you, I chose this job as like a fall back job or maybe if I find out that I really like to design or craft I might go straight for this job!

What is the toughest job demand for this career field?

For me, I would probably say getting mentally ready to be constantly having to be extremely precise, this is a big part of the job as you can't be having bumpy edges on like a sculpture, unless it was supposed to be that way.