Library Services 2014-2015

Mrs. Jane Matthews, LMS, Mrs. Sarah Spillmann, Library Asst.

Change is here with Chromebooks

We are going to learn so much from each other this year. There are several opportunities for PD. On the first day we signed up for Google + so that we could create our own circles for sharing and join other learning communities. If you have not joined the FCS Google Community, please do so and benefit from the knowledge as well as contribute your own discoveries and successes.

Teachers may meet after school on Wednesdays to share ideas and best technology instructional practices. Look forward to seeing you there.

Resources for students to bookmark on chromebooks

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New!! Retro Spot.

Did you know that FCHS has a Historical Room? Some of our social studies teachers have used our archived yearbooks to study sociology and to do research on the Wonder Five. We have a large collection of items starting from the 1900's through the present. Click here to view a Google Spreadsheet of most of the items in the collection. Sit at a table from the old high school and see some featured items each week.
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Jane Matthews is available to work with you and your students in your classroom or in the library. She can co-teach and assist with projects using technology, research, citations, media and information literacy, etc. and using the 9-12 library home page subscription resources. Please email her to schedule.

Whole Class visits to the library

Please email Jane Matthews, library media specialist, to bring your class to get books or use the library for research or group work. Schedule Library Lab A for desktop/printing, reserve a class visit or library tables on the Google spreadsheet, COMPUTER LABS 2014 Semester 1

Reading Promotion

All school reads, movie/book series, science book clubs, family nights, author visit and more. If you would like to help plan a reading promotion activity or event for your club, class, grade level, or other please see Mrs. Matthews.

Library resource After School

The library remains open until 5 pm. Mon. through Thurs. Math, Science, Spanish, or English teachers are available on various nights.

Lamination & Posters

Send down materials to be laminated with an aide and we will return them to you. We cannot laminate items with metal clasps or anything that sticks up, etc. as these can damage the roller. The laminator can handle regular paper no thicker than lightweight poster board and note that items with photos may be heat sensitive, although most with photos have rolled through just fine.

We have a color poster printer and if you email us your regular sized documents and provide the length (any length) and width (max. 24" roll) you would like, we can print items for your room. Please avoid items/photos that have ink heavy,solid backgrounds as these use up a lot of ink. Also, if items will not receive heavy use, or will only be used one year or less, then it is probably best not to have them laminated. The poster printer is not for student projects unless they have been approved by admin.


We have audio recorders, recording headsets (class set or individual) headphones (class set or individual), digital cameras, digital video cameras (tripods), and web cams. Students may check out regular cameras during the school day and overnight after 7th period and return first thing in the am.

FCHS Library Assistant

Circulation Desk