Elementary Band News

Winter/Spring 2016

5th Grade Band

The 5th Grade band members have been working hard at learning their new pieces! The three pieces are "Ayre and Dance", "A Prehistoric Suite", and "Star Wars". We are very excited for this concert. Also, we are starting to learn scales in our lessons to help us become better musicians. All band members should still be practicing at least 100 minutes a week. This will help everyone feel successful! Ask your child to play part of one of their pieces for you! They love sharing their skills!

4th Grade Band

The 4th Grade band members are working on their first concert piece "Dragonfire" as well as continuing in their books. We are learning about eighth notes and how to play them. We are looking forward to showing everyone how much we have improved since last concert! All band members should be practicing 100 minutes a week. Ask your child to perform a song on page 11-13 in the book or "Dragonfire". They love performing for you!

5th Grade Band Rehearsals have begun!!!!

4th Grade band rehearsals have begun!