It's Lightning!

Lightning and How It Works


Have you ever wondered how lightning is created?
Lightning is created by little ice droplets in the clouds that come to gether and make an electric current. That electric current runs towards the ground or between other clouds in the sky.
When the lightning strike dissapears, thunder is created. Thunder is when air collapses into the area where the lightning once was and the sound is created by air hitting air at fast speeds.
Lightning is attracted to tall objects such as lighthouses, golf clubs, trees, tall buildings e.t.c
When there is a storm remeber to keep under shelter and not to be near any tall thhings or not to be in water because lightning travels through water

Lightning Facts

> How to tell how far Lightning is away from you.
When lightning strikes, the time between the thunder sounding divided by 3 is the kilometres away the lightning is
> When lightning strikes, the cloud can reach up to 50,000.C
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