France In The 1800's

By David G and Carlos T

Arranging Weddings

Women in France who divorced or lost their husband were not allowed to remarry for a time period of 300 days.In these times marriage was not a luxury to show your love for someone it was a necessity.People usually married within their economic boundaries rather than for who you were marrying,they also had to be in the same region as you.Women were more likely to have been married with someone if they knew how to cook,take care of small children,and do household cleaning.

Fancy Aristocrats

Lifestyle of Aristocrats

Were disgusted at the sight of the poor moved away from any lowly scum as they sometimes would say.They were the elite,topnotch they rode in horse pulled carriages rather than walking like others.They farmed which was part of where they got money.They also bathed at least once a week.So rich they spent around 10,000 dollars on meat per year.They were hated and admired for their so luxurious life style.


This is what they called the urban workers also used to describe merchants,guild members,pensioners,and elite non-nobles.They dealt in goods and in cash worked really hard.They basically traded,sold, and bought things at every corner,this was their life.They are not slackers they are determined to work and driven for the money.
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Just like the bourgeois they were driven to get money even though they were lower class and took showers once or twice a month if lucky.Proletariat were a nothing type of bourgeois an even lower class.They once worked with the bourgeois to form the proletariat revolution,most of the proletariat were equalists and did not believe in classes.Later after some of their wishes for classes to not be so different were full filled and they band together with the bourgeois.