Slavery in America

By:Maelyn Thome

Underground railroad

1. An underground tunnel system slaves could use to become free in Canada.

2. Harriet Tubman was important person to the Underground Railroad system because she led about 300 slaves to freedom.

3. It was a clandestine operation that began during the colonial period.


1. Most of the slaves originated from the coast or the interior of West Africa between present day Senegal and Angola. Other slaves originally came from Madagascar and Tanzania in East Africa.

2. The demands of European consumers for the New World crops and goods helped fuel the slave trade. Following a triangular route between Africa, the Caribbean and North America, and Europe, solve traders from Holland, Portugal, France, and England delivered Africans in exchange for products such as colonial rum, sugar, and tobacco.

3. By 1860 some 4 million enslaved African Americans lived throughout the South. Most enslaved people were agricultural Laborers. They worked from sunrise to sunset in the fields or at other jobs, such as refining sugar. Some bonds people held specialized jobs as artisans, skilled Laborers, or factory workers. A smaller number worked as cooks, butlers, or maids.

Songs and music

1. Some songs reminded the the enslaved people to have hope.

2. Some songs not only gave hidden advice but also contained a complete coded map with full details of how to escape to freedom in Canada.

3. Initially slaves used song and music to boost the overall happiness of the people they worked with.