Sassy Owlets Newsletter

Good BYE to July.....Hello AUGUST!!!

Happy August!

I hope you all are enjoying your first week in August! I know LOTS of us are glad July is GONE!

Let's talk about July for just a second it is probably the worst "J" month in the history of the 3 evil Js... January, June, and JULY! "J" Months are known to be crummy! If you had been thinking all month that it's just you or your downline, I can assure you it isn't!!! Across the board, July was terrible If you did great in July good for you I give you MAD PROPS!

I picked this background for this Newsletter because I bet some of you feel like you are STOPPED or STALLED at a crossroad. Maybe you don't feel like your Origami Owl business is going anywhere and your thinking you should stop. Well let me just take a minute and tell you that you CAN succeed at this and Origami Owl is going places....HUGE places!

New Things Happening for Fall 2014

Say YES!

You may have been wondering why I put the picture at the top of Cassandre and I with the background Say YES! Now you can see from the newsletter all of these things are so amazing we all just need to say YES! I don't know any other Direct Sales Company that offers Health Care or Schooling.... that is HUGE!!

If you are thinking you are still at that cross road please reach out to me! I want to help you overcome this cross road and put the fire back into your Origami Owl business and your heart! I may not be your direct Mentor that is okay! Send me an email, text, phone call, Facebook message...whatever! I will answer and help you! We can even plan a one on one and chat in person :) Maybe you feel like you can't talk to me (I apologize if you do feel this me I would love to fix this) but you want help I encourage you to ask and talk to anyone on our team! They are all very helpful!

I hope to see you all at Jennie's house for the Mini Convention. We will be sharing lots of tips with you and showing you some of the new products! Please make sure to RSVP on the even....t page here is the link

Be the best you can be and let your light shine!! Fall and Winter 2014 are going to blow your socks off!

Lauren Stevens

Senior Team Leader 24751