Bauer Omega XD Rewrok Station

Bauer Omega XD Rework Station

A complicated in addition to worth crammed most up-to-date rework station has launched. This kind of Bauer Omega XD section has several distinct in addition to helpful capabilities over the rivals. You'd knowledge which the Reworking will not keep on being just like previous to.


A. Predetermined computer management, hugely described touch screen interface, central processing unit management, with a function connected with Speedy challenge evaluation, real time screen adjustments in addition to genuine heat range challenge, Research in addition to best challenge

B. Remarkably specific Okay variety thermocouple closed-loop regulator in addition to computerized heat range compensation construction. United having central processing unit in addition to heat range manner to comprehend accurate management. Keep heat range travel ±2 stage. Meantime, external heat range testing program execution with regard to discovering the actual heat range exactness, evaluation in addition to examining the actual measured heat range challenge

C. Make utilization of Sixth v variety slot for you to embed PCB, quick Placement, suitable in addition to accurate

D. Bauer Omega XD rework section has flexible suited in addition to portable clamp that can keep PCB secure, prevent PCB incapacity in addition to bend

E. This kind of rework section will be ready by numerous combination jets. Easy to repair in addition to adjust

F. Second home heating will be inter-convertible having ultraviolet home heating. You will find 3 heat range parts; can course 3 heat range parts as well

G. Better in addition to bottommost heat range sections can fixed 8 sections heat range management, help save corpus heat range figure

H. Warming place used ultraviolet mild tube, more quickly, precise heating in addition to a / c

I. Utilize hugely hardware corner stream enthusiast for you to awesome in the case of PCB distortion, Built-in vacuum cleaner send, and external demand house to build collecting BGA poker chips quickly

J. Well-appointed having style management “initial caution”. Soon after higher in addition to bottom level hot air home heating puts a stop to, a / c program will be with in addition to robotically puts a stop to immediately after expecting heat range as a result of room heat range

K. Having USB interface, just acquire in addition to help save current challenge graph for you to USB. Protracted touch screen ability living by employing computer mouse button

L.CE qualification, having crisis end switch in addition to APO program

Requirements Bauer Omega XD Remodel Place:

1. Impressive in German Elstein Ceramic Home heating dish 300W:

2. In German IR Goblet in addition to IR home heating tube:

3. Second Radiator/Heater (HR+IR):

4. Touch screen display management cell:

5. Thermocouple (Temperature sensor) program back button some pcs:

6. Underside Heaters Level Changes Rotating Button:

7. Cleaner Stress fill send:

8. USB interface program:

9. Laser aiming setting:

10. Second Heaters modification (can go the front in addition to back, upward in addition to down)

11. Protection on-off move:

12. PCB preservation lures (6 quick lures in addition to two extended support):

13. Bauer Omega XDAccessories: