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April 14, 2019

8th Grade State Festival Schedule

Schedule for Thursday, April 25, 2019:

7:30am: All students MUST be in the MS band room, completely dressed in their uniform (including bow tie).

7:40am: Bus leaves BSMS

8:30am: Arrival at Paw Paw High School

8:40am: Warm-up

9:10am: Performance

10:00am: Leave Paw Paw High School

11:00am: Arrive at BSMS, change out of uniform, attend lunch and afternoon classes as normal.

Please note the time students must be ready to go in the band room. We will be leaving immediately when school starts in the morning. We do not have time to wait for late students due to the distance to Paw Paw and our early performance time. ALL students need to abide by this call time.

The band room will be open by 7am to allow for last minute uniform needs. Please double check your uniform today! You will also need ALL BLACK dress shoes, black dress socks, and a completely white undershirt. Some students forgot these parts for the district performance. If you are having trouble finding shoes/socks/shirt, please let a band director know ASAP.

We will need help! We are in need of the following:

2-3 parents to drive separately with a couple big instruments (tuba, bari sax) and a couple students. Like district festival, we will only have one bus.

1 parent to ride the bus as a chaperone

1-2 parents to help with uniform issues from 7:00am-7:25am.

If you are able to fulfill any of these roles, please email Mr. Emeigh,, or call the band office: 269-471-1748 ext. 0539

Due to our testing schedule over the next few weeks we will be missing a few of our normal rehearsals. With this being the case, we are going to be having an after school rehearsal on Tuesday, April 23rd from 2:45 to 4:45. We get very few opportunities to rehearse as a full group, so it is important that students attend this rehearsal.

High School State Festival

Schedule for Thursday, April 25, 2019:

10:00am: Report to the HS Band Room

10:05am: Warm up, tune, start each piece

10:30am: Load trailer and change into uniform - remember your black socks and black DRESS shoes

10:52am: Everyone eats 1st lunch

11:20am: Report back to the band room

11:25am: Board Bus

11:30am: Leave

12:30pm: Arrive at Paw Paw HS

12:45pm: Warm-up

1:15pm: Performance

2:00pm: Leave Paw Paw HS

3:00pm: Arrive at BSHS

Robotics students and students who need to make athletic games can leave with a parent, or with a friend’s parent (provided a note is given to Mrs. Rosselit) directly following our performance.

We will have 2 buses available - so senior students will not need to drive separately as originally planned. I will need 1 parent available to ride the second bus.

Soap Fundraiser - Don't forget!

We have started our Spring Fundraiser. We are selling 5-gallon buckets of laundry soap and dish soap. We are also selling laundry pods, dishwasher pods, scent beads, and trash bags.

Students were given brochures the last week before school let out for break. The proceeds from the sales will primarily go to the students' individual band accounts. Every student has a band account. When they sell fundraisers, the profits go into the accounts. They can use the money for band trips, band camp, and band-related accessories (shoes, socks, gloves, etc.)

This fundraiser runs to the end of April. It is not online this year; only through brochures. If you have any questions relating to this fundraiser, please contact Sherri Keene: or 269-921-0506.

Marching Band

Believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about the upcoming marching season! Our show is Here, There Be Dragons with music from Skyrim, Led Zeppelin, and How to Train Your Dragon.

Current High School and 8th Grade students were given the handbook about two weeks ago with the instruction to review the calendar and turn in the commitment form by April 15 for planning purposes. Here is a link to the handbook and calendar.

Please review the calendar and return the commitment form ASAP. We need to get the numbers (how many students in each section) to our drill writer so he can create us another fantastic show.

Drum Major applications are due tomorrow (Monday, April 15). Leadership announcements will be posted by the end of the week.

If you have any questions about marching band, please email Mrs. Rosselit:

Questions? Contact Us!

High School - Kelly Rosselit:

Middle School - Adam Emeigh: