online safety

everything you need to know to stay safe online.


Do not be confused by the ‘s’ after ‘http’ this I s there to tell you that the website is secure, this means that you will be safe to buy things of the website. It is best that you don’t buy things of a website without the ‘s’ in the address. However, just because a website does not have the ‘s’ does not mean its unsafe, this only applies to shopping websites.

secure your wireless.

Always make sure that your wireless internet is secured with a password. If your wireless does not have a password then anyone who walks near your home can have accsess to your internet. Make your password something that no one can guess, this will make sure no one can hack your internet.

Strong passwords.

having a strong password is vital to making sure you are safe. Make sure that your password isnt something easy to guess; like your name for example. Passwords are also harder to guess if they are longer, so remember, the more letters the better.


have you ever recieved a pop up telling you your computer is in danger? did they try to make you buy an anti-virus software? This is scareware! Never fall for scareware as the product you buy is not necessary to your computer. In fact the product you buy isnt needed at all.


Always make sure you switch of your bluetooth after use. when you blue tooth is active you are made vunerable to hackers. As well as this, never accept bluetooth requests from people you dont know, this allows them acess to your videos, pictures, messages and more.

Social networking sites.

Be careful of what you share over social networking sites such as facebook, twitter or flikr. Many people post about when they are leaving the house without realising the dangers. If a potential burglar sees that you are going to a partyand your home is empty, what do you think they will do? Be careful what you share on social networking sites.