Lykis Mckinney

About Mexico

Mexico is a very well known country in North America. The capital of Mexico has Mexico in it so it is very oblivious, the capital of Mexico is Mexico City. Mexico has a very big population, the population of Mexico is 122.3 million people. The area of Mexico is mostly made up of Tropical Dry Forest. Its the biome of Mexico. The typical wildlife of Mexico is mostly bears and lots of reptiles. The square miles of Mexico is 761,600 sq miles.

More About Mexico

Mexico's tourist destinations are the Tulum and the Chichin Itza.Presidential system, Federal republic, Constitutional republic is the type of government used by Mexico.Hidden beach created by giant blast from Mexican government during target practice is now a stunning strip of sand is a hidden fact about Mexico. The type of money used by Mexico is Mexican Peso. Mexico is located in the “Ring of Fire,” one of the earth’s most violent earthquake and volcano zones is just extra facts.
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Chichen Itza

Border of the Yucatan
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A church in Tlachichuca