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October 2016

Happenings this month...

October 10th-14th The library will be open for checkout and lessons.

October 17th-21st Scholastic Book Fair

October 24th-28th The library will be open for checkout and lessons.

Literacy Centers for K-1

This presentation is based on Debbie Diller’s Work:

Grades K-1 (can be adapted for grades 2nd-4th )

Presentation pages 25 and 47 talk about a classroom library station and a poetry station.

Kinder-First Center Ideas

Literacy Centers for 2nd-4th

Reading Centers for the Upper Grades:

Great website with good pictures and explanations.

Florida Center for Reading Research:

Wonderful literacy centers along with research-based resource guides to help you construct your centers. Most of centers have been updated, but some are still good as is.

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Listening Centers

We have listening center materials in the library. Come check them out!

Limitless Library

If you are having trouble connecting with the Limitless Library, please come by and we can help you.

Marvelous Math Ideas

Adding Literacy to Your Math Lessons

This article really hits home with explaining why we should link literacy and math. It's a quick read!

Marilyn Burns is the Bomb!

This article provides 10 ways to enhance your math lessons from Marilyn Burns. These ideas can definitely be linked to our PD on Critical Thinking and Inquiry.

This pdf from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics contains a great list of math related literature. The books can be found in our library and on Limitless.

Math Literature in the CRE library:


One is a Snail Ten is a Crab 513.2 Say


Monster Musical Chairs 513.2 Mur


The Lion’s Share E McE


Bean Thirteen E McE

We have many other books!

CRE Symbaloo- It's filled with Reading, Math, and Science Websites