Egg Drop

By; Courtney Candahl Ana Rosero


The purpose for this project is to learn and try to figure out how NASA drops there rover onto Mars.
Curiosity Landing System Drop Test


If our "Rover"/Egg Drop project goes as planned then we will know the process of a rover being dropped on Mars, Would be similar to our egg drop project.
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The procedures/steps

1. Cut off the top of the tissue box and pull out all of the tissues

2. Put tape at the bottom of the tissue box

3. Place egg holder on the tape

4. Start placing tissues around the egg holder

5. Get 25 cotton balls on top of the tissues

6. Make a hole on each side of the tissue box

7. Put the wire though the holes

8. Tape the wire to the trash bag

Now you have your egg drop project

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The highest we drop our egg from was from the roof of the school. The first drop: Time: 3.64 Distance: 125mm. Our design was effective our design protected the egg from the highest drop. The wind lifted the parachute and that caused the parachute to fly up but the weight of the tissue box dragged it down. Our hypotheses was accepted. We could have put a lid over the tissue box to protect the egg more.