Katy's Got Grit

Exploring characters with grit!

Tenacity & Courage

Definition of tenacity:

: the quality or state of being persistent

Definition of courage:

: the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous

MPJH Sixth Grade ELA Katy ISD Education Foundation Grant

Using our classroom set of “grit” books, we want to introduce real life characters with real life problems. Some of the characters in our “grit” library are fictional, but some of the books are biographies and autobiographies. Whether the characters are fictional or real they all exhibit grit. Their gritness is what helps these individuals achieve their goals. Not only will students read about these characters, but there will be classroom discussions and journaling about the traits that these characters demonstrate. All three of these components (reading, discussing and writing) help to cultivate habits that will result in our students building their confidence and setting off on a path to a fulfilling future.