SQL Slammer

Fastest Worm In History

The Slammer

  • Started: 25 January 2003
  • Scanned (For Vulnerabilities) 55 million computers per second
  • Exploited a bug in the SQL Language
  • At this rate in 10 minutes it would scan 90 percent of the internet
  • It crashed servers with the SQL bug.
  • 75,500 servers were officially infected before the patch was released.
  • A total of 1 Billion dollars of damage were created by it.
  • Affected over half the internet.

How was it fixed

  • Microsoft released a patch for servers that fixed the virus
  • Antivirus programs were updated in order to eliminate the virus


  • The creator was never known
  • Their punishment was nothing since they have not been found
  • They are still on the loose
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