Why we fall

What you should know about mindsets


Many of you don't know how important your brain is. Not just for learning but also for the way you feel. Many people feel like they're trapped in sadness or in failure. But why be afraid of failure? Isn't failure part of success? Yes, it is.
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People with a fixed mindset don't like failure. They desire to improve, but they don't want to put in the effort. They also take feedback personal. They hate being told what they could change. When you're not open to feedback and challenges, how are you supposed to move further to success? It's like a drug addict being told that they're addicted. They won't admit it until they fall rock bottom. They could've avoided falling down even harder, but they didn't listen to what others were saying. Of course, recovering is going to be difficult, but it's better to feel recovered than to feel all that heavy weight on you. Let's say I'm aiming to excel my exams but I don't study and don't accept the help my teachers offer me. How am I supposed to excel the exams if I don't focus and try. After I got my test results, I got very low scores. Because of that, I have to go to summer school. I could've avoided this, but I decided to ignore help. It's not bad to get help.
People with growth mindsets are more than open to gain help. They are actually willing to put in all their effort for that goal because they know that the outcome will benefit them for the best. They go for the challenges. They understand the fact that failure is part of success. You are always going to fall, but why not accept the help you get to make the fall hurt less? When you understand that failure is part of success and that it's inevitable, you'll embrace it and create something beautiful out of it.

Why they succeed

There were/are many people that have gained fame but were once thought to be 'difficult' to teach or they seemed like they would get no where in life. But they have all proved the people who underestimated them, wrong. This is because of the way of thinking they had. Let's look at some examples...

Steve Jobs

Thomas Alva Edison

Albert Einstein

Why do we fall?

We fall because we give up too fast. Because we don't give it our all. If you keep on thinking in a negative way like people with a fixed mindset do, you won't rise to the place you want to be in. I read a quote that said, " Life is all about perception. Positive versus negative. Whichever you choose will affect and more than likely reflect your outcomes." In society, negativity has been a norm. Saying, "I'll never figure this math problem out," is being negative. A person with a growth mindset would say, "I won't figure this math problem out YET!" Create the best out of every negative scenario you're in.
Why Do We Fall - Motivational Video
What consumes your mind, controls your life. Don't let the negative consume you. Be like the RAS (reticular activating system) in your brain. Filter what goes through your brain. Only let the good in and keep on fighting to reach your goal. Why give up in the middle of your fight when you're almost there? Why avoid the help you get when you can improve yourself? Who do you want to be? Do you want to stay where you're at and never improve, or do you want to expand your abilities and reach levels you never thought you could? You chose.