What's a Compass?

A Compass for Travel?!

Nowadays most people don't even know that compasses are still used, but they are! Compasses are used to travel to different places that don't have roads leading to them. For example if you want to visit a small pond in the forest then you would use a compass to get there! Now I bet your wondering how to use one so keep reading to find out!

How to Use a Compass

  1. Gather these materials ( Compass, Map, Pencil or Marker)
  2. On your Map put a star on where you are
  3. Then put a X on where you want to go
  4. Then take the edge of your compass and draw a line from where you are to wear you want to go
  5. After that hold your compass out in front of you and let the red side point to north.
  6. Then using your map determine which way you need to walk.
*Tip* You don't have to keep correcting the way your going after every step
How to Use a Compass & Map [Compass Navigation Tutorial]

The Magnetic Field

One thing that plays a huge factor on how compasses operate is earths magnetic field or as you probably know earths North and South Poles. The magnetic field is the result of the molten iron that spins around in the earths core. The Magnetic field protects us from the harmful particle that the sun gives off although the some of the particles reach earth by riding the magnetic field and those particles are the Aurora. Anyway compasses are attracted to the North Pole but within the next 10 years the North and South Poles will switch and that will mess up lots of GPS systems and computers