Lions Park Remote Learning Update


Dear Lions Park Families,

Our students and their teachers have been having winter fun while continuing to engage in learning opportunities! Classes have been enjoying spirit days, holiday stories, art projects, learning about holidays around the world and participating in other exciting activities. We are looking forward to our elementary music department sponsored family sing along. The link for this will be sent next week.

Thanks to those of you who have already attended parent and teacher conferences and to those who are signed up for the weeks to come. I appreciate you making the time to have these important discussions, and I am thankful to our teachers for their careful preparation to make the conversations informative and meaningful. We value the oppportunity to partner with you for your child's learning.

Thanks to all families who participated in the Mount Prospect Fire Department Toy Drive and thanks to Mrs. Jorgenson for coordinating this at Lions Park for the 22nd year! Lions Park families and staff were very generous, and the firemen who came today were impressed with our collection.

In District 57, we take the prevention of bullying very seriously. All K-8 students participate in weekly classroom meetings/advisory meetings to build classroom community and provide strategies for students on how to prevent/handle potential bullying situations. This is done, in part, using the Olweus Bully Prevention Program. This curriculum offers an opportunity for students to share their feelings and opinions, to suggest solutions, and to learn to follow the rules and handle bullying situations appropriately. It also builds class community and cohesiveness and recognizes achievements and successes of the class as a whole.

We encourage any student or parent who is aware of a potential bullying situation to report the issue immediately to a staff member. This report will initiate an investigation. Whether or not the issue is found to be bullying, any behavior that does not follow school expectations will be addressed. We want all students to feel safe and comfortable during their time at school, whether they are learning in person or on Zoom. We are committed to removing barriers that are preventing this for individual students or groups of students. For more resources on this topic, please visit this link.

Katie Kelly


Thursday, December 17 - Board of Ed Meeting & Public Hearing (Levy)

Monday, December 21 - Sunday, January 3 - NO SCHOOL, Winter Break

Monday, January 4 - Classes Resume


COVID-19 has presented many unique hardships and challenges for some of our family
members, friends and neighbors. Some parents have asked if it’s possible to make a
financial donation to help support District 57 families who are currently in need. The
District has set up a system to facilitate this for anyone who is interested. We
will distribute the collected funds to families, based on formal requests that are made.
If you would like to donate, simply go to this link: and click
“Make a one-time payment.” Fill in your student’s name, school and grade, and click
“COVID-19 Donation to District 57 Families.” Fill in your information and donation
amount, then proceed to the payment section. Thank you so much, in advance, for your
kindness and generosity.

Those who are in need of support can fill out this online form.

Names will only be seen by select District personnel who are distributing the funds.

Thank you.

Adam Parisi, Ed.S.

Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations/CSBO and Treasurer

Mount Prospect School District 57

847-394-7300 x1003

Volunteers Wanted

As we plan for the new reality of our arrival and dismissal when we begin hybrid, we would love to have some parent volunteers for arrival and dismissal, both in the morning and in the afternoon. If you are interested in assisting with a safe arrival and dismissal by helping students cross the street and/or helping maintain social distance, please fill out this form.


On behalf of my students, myself, and all of the people who work for and with The Kenneth Young Center, thank you! The Kenneth Young Center works with teens and older adults struggling with mental and physical health issues, which have been exacerbated with the added challenges of Covid-19. We were excited to learn about their various programs that provide any help one would need, be it company on a lonely day, help paying bills, or a warm meal delivered to their door. Thanks to you for participating in our fundraiser with Mrs. P & Me, which earned $425 to help keep these programs running throughout our community and others near us! This project has been entirely run by the students in our class and they are truly grateful that so many people came to support our cause!


Due to COVID-19, the 2021 Read to Succeed Program has been suspended; we will not be participating this school year. However, any unused tickets earned during the 2020 season will be valid throughout the remainder of this year with block out dates. Additionally, they will also honor the ticket through August 31, 2021 to provide families with even more flexibility to visit. For more complete details of the park and hours of operation, please visit Six Flags Great America Chicago . Keep on reading!

Tardies, Absences and Early Dismissals

If your child will be missing any portion of the school day (8:50-11:50 and 12:50-3:20), it is important that you report the absence to the Lions Park office at (847) 394-7330 or by using the form on our website. We appreciate your cooperation!

Technology Issues

Although technology can work well, there are times when it just does not work correctly. Teachers will not be available to respond to emails during instructional times. Instead, please submit a Remote Learning Technology Support form by clicking here. Once submitted, someone from our District Technology Team will contact you to provide assistance.

If you experience a technical issue, please follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Restart the Chromebook (make sure it turns all the way off before turning back on).

  • Quit any unused applications.

  • Sign out of an application if it's not working, and sign back in.

  • Move closer to your internet router if you are experiencing connectivity issues.

  • Turn off any accessibility features i.e., contrast mode, special cursor that may be set on the Chromebook. These can cause applications to run slow.