Evie's Happy Little Spiders

Not just a bug but a friend to hug- little, happy, harmless!

What our shop sells!

Are you looking for a cute companion that you can carry in your pocket? Well this is the place to go. Evie's Happy Little Spiders has little cute spiders for everybody!

What we use to make our products

Come to our store!

My shop is in the 3rd grade hallway. It will be in Mrs. Cook's amazing classroom with the amazing lights

Why you should buy one and how much does it cost?

Happy Little Spiders only cost 50 cents, and that's not a lot. And why should you buy one? Well they can fit in your pocket so you don't feel lonely, and when your at the store with your mom and you don't have any thing to do just pull it out! They also make a great hat!

Our two special edition spiders!

We have many kinds of happy spiders, but we have two special spiders - the princess spider and the evil spider. But both are happy. Only one of each so get one before it is too late!

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