heavenly dance Steps

NewsLetter August/September


Welcome to Heavenly Dance Steps, we are glad you are here and so excited for the new 2013-2014 dance season. We hope that you had a wonderful summer and are ready to Dance for the Lord!

We want to focus on our up and coming Creative Worship night and Spaghetti Super Fundraiser September 28th. Please see the details below. We also ask that you read the entire Newsletter so that you won't miss any of the important dates and future events.

Again we are so happy you are here and look forward to seeing what God has in store for all of our students and families this year.

The HDS Board of Directors
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.” - Mark 12:30

Please remember we are still registering students so if you know anyone who would be interested bring them with you during our Bring a Friend week.



September 9th

Work out room orientation:
We have been very blessed to have our work out room. It was donated to us from the former Curves owner here in Covington. Her only request was that we never charge anyone for it's use. So a perk to being an hds family member is that you get to use it for free. Sorry men but it is designed for women's use only. We ask that you sign a release form and there is a donation list that we ask you prayerfully consider looking over. You may ask for a list when you sign the release form. Also you may bring friends and family but they have to be with you. This is available when we are open, M, T, and TH 4:30-8:00pm.

September 9th-12th

Bring a Friend Week: Feel free to bring a friend or more to class. Please make sure they wear comfortable clothing and socks on their feet if they don't have dance shoes.

September 15th

HDS T-Shirt Order: We will be placing an order on the 15th, all shirts must be paid for prior to this date. Please sign up at the front desk. Samples are hanging in the reception area.

Costume deposits are due by Sept. 15th, a deposit will be half of the costume cost. Most costumes are $50.00 so $25.00 will be due by the 15th.

September 28th

Creative Worship night and Spaghetti Supper fundraiser.

Where: Eastridge Community Church, in the A/C auditorium.

When: September 28th at 6:00pm.

Amount: $5.00 per adult and $3.00 for children 6 and under, no more that $20.00 per family.

All students who attend will be dancing. There will be dance, food and a cake walk at the end of the evening. Come on out and have a fun evening with your immediate and extended family and friends.