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End-of-Year Reminders


Please help your child with his/her summer reading. Public libraries, Barnes and Noble, Target have very good summer reading programs that your child can participate in.

Recommended titles for summer reading:


Parents and teachers, remind your students to turn in their library books as soon as possible! Thanks!


  • We will be reading a Flat Stanley book for the remainder of the year.

  • The Flat Stanley packet (letter and Stanley template) will be sent home with your child the week of June 1, 2015.

  • Flat Stanley is due back to me the first week of school in August.


Dear Parents,

Have your child read a Flat Stanley book by Jeff Brown this summer vacation. The story is about a boy named Stanley who had a bulletin board fall on him and smashed him flat. He was not injured; he was just flattened and he could easily be sent in the mail to many places. His travels were exciting and educational as he learns about many different places.

There are two options to this project. We need your help.

OPTION #1 Send Flat Stanley to a friend or relative

Please help your child address the envelope (which you will provide) to a friend or relative that would be willing to describe Stanley's visit to their town, state, or far off country and then mail Stanley back to your child with an accounting of his visit. In the packet, you will find a letter and a Flat Stanley template. First, your child should color and cut out Flat Stanley. Please help your child fill out the greeting and closing lines. Then mail Flat Stanley and the letter to your friend or relative, so Flat Stanley can begin his adventure. We want a picture from Stanley describing what he saw while visiting this new place. We will only accept an 8 x 11 paper size. Your child needs to turn in the picture to me when school starts in August.

OPTION #2 Take Flat Stanley on an adventure yourself!

I know many families will be traveling over the summer and some students may want to take their Flat Stanley with them. Have your child color and cut out his/her Flat Stanley template. Take pictures of your child with Flat Stanley and keep a journal of Stanley's adventures. Have your child bring the pictures and Flat Stanley back on an 8 x 11 paper when he/she returns to school in August.

In August, I will post where Flat Stanley went on a map, and I will display your child's Flat Stanley. Please do not send in anything bigger than 8 x 11 paper. Try to pick a friend or relative who would be willing to support this project, if you prefer to do option #1.

For reading enrichment, you might want your child to read another Flat Stanley book over the summer. I want to thank you for your time and support with this wonderful learning experience! I can't wait to see those pictures of Stanley's adventures with your child!


Mrs. Masinag

See this sample of Flat Stanley's adventure gallery!