Mrs. Brawner's Open Book

5th Grade Reading, Writing & Social Studies Teacher

It's All in the Books

I love to read . . . now! That wasn't always the case, believe it or not! I've learned so much about how to choose "just right" books for myself that it has led me to LOVE reading . . . finally! I bring this knowledge and excitement to our reading class and take great interest in developing life-long readers who can't live without a book in their hands. I've been teaching for 23 years. I taught 2nd grade students in Granbury for 15 years, and this is my 8th year teaching 5th grade students in Brock. I'm so inspired every year to watch reluctant readers blossom and realize reading isn't nearly as painful as they thought it was -- once they've figured out how to choose a "just right" book for themselves.

Mrs. Brawner's Contact Information

Conference period 1:00-2:00 (Monday through Friday)

First Day of School


Thursday, August 15th, 8am


Brock Intermediate School