Minimum Legal Drinking Age

Pro V. Cons

Summary on Minimum Legal Drinking Age

All 50 US states have their legal drinking age to the age of 21+. Although exceptions to exist is state-by-state basis for consumption at home under Adult Supervision for Medical necessity and other reasons. Lowering the drinking age from 21 has caused more teens to have the urge to drink instead of wait for the age when it is legal for them to drink. And lowering the drinking age has made people feel in more of a danger environment when teens drink and the teens are yet old enough to control the alcohol that they consume.

Facts on Minimum Legal Drinking Age

1.) Over 5000 teens die from under age drinking.

2.) Nearly 9 million youth from 12 to 21 are reported for under age drinking.

3.) In 2009 more than 10.4 million teens between 12 and 20 drank more than a "few sips"

4.) Teens drink less than adults but when they drink alcohol they drank more than a adult.

5.) More than 190000 people are injured from teens drinking.


1.) Teens should not drink because they could really do damage to their selves.

2.) Teens should not drink because they could kill somebody or even their selves.

3.) Teens should not drink because they are not old enough.

4.) Teens should not drink because they could do terrible things that they would do when they are drunk.

5.) Teens should not drink because they completely change when under the influence of alcohol.


1.) Teens are forced to drink by other teens.

2.) Teens drink because they think it is cool.

3.) Teens drink because they see many movies that has drinking scenes and they think it is OK because it was on a movie.

4.) Teens drink because of peer pressure.

5.) Teens drink cause they go to a party that only has alcohol as a beverage.

My Decision on under age drinking.

I think it is bad because when a under age teen consumes alcohol they are putting their life and other life's in danger when they consume to much and when they get behind the wheel of a car. And they could do some things that they would regret doing when older. ( Ex: Killing some other person, Having a car crash and damaging their selves, or even get a girl pregnant by mistake when they are drunk.)
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