By Matthew Hopkins and Nichole Nowak


The cultural developments during the River Valley civilizations made the largest impact on people. Culture is what makes people unique in the way they live. People have culture because of their beliefs. It impacted religion and architecture because Egyptians made pyramids and religious centers. It impacted innovation and writing because people had to make papyrus for paper and something to write with.

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Egyptian Writing

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Here are some facts about the egyptians many accomplishments:

  • The egyptians built the pyramids of giza which are the only wonders of the ancient world that are still standing today they were ordered to do this by their pharaoh khufu or cheops

  • they invented hieroglyphics their own form of writing where every word is replaced by a certain symbol

  • they built the first boats out of papyrus reed

  • they made paper from papyrus leaves and flowers

  • they invented a calendar which was based off the flooding of the nile river

they created enormous obelisks which were humongous statues or building so that when an important person died they would be remembered sort of like the gravestones we have today

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The cultural changes during the River Valley Civilizations effected people the most. As you can see achievements, innovations, architecture, writing, and religion are all affected by culture during the River Valley civilizations. So we can all conclude that cultural changes probably affected Egypt the most during the River Valley civilizations.