Air pollution

By: Leo Shrader

Air pollution prevention Prevention and Effects

There is no way the stop air pollution, but we can slow its ozone eating processes by doing very simple things. These include walking or riding a bike instead of driving your car, cut down in hair spray usage and be more environmentally safe. On the other hand though factory's need to help out by finding a renewable gas that they can burn and yet not produce so much smog. Governments around the world are putting banns on certain products from being burned and say if we cut down on the air pollution and smog produces by factors it could prevent at the most about 1 million asthma attacks. And that just getting started we could stop many other repository and other physical diseases by doing this.

Health problems have been popping up ever seance factors and car were created. they have been putting millions of pollutants in to the air every day. This is causing the ozone to slowly thin.All of the thinning of the ozone is causing smog and other dangerous pollution's which are causing respiratory problems. these in cause cancer and bronchus. also is is a leading cause of asthma. The thinning of the ozone has costed roughly $6.5 billion on health care during 2000-2002. Air pollution is one of the main reasons for global warming and it create smog which can cause ncd's like asthma and class many early deaths.