Tim Burners Lee and Alan Turing

Computing History

Tim Burners Lee

Time Burners Lee is an English computer scienctist who created the World Wide Web. Timothy was born on the 8th of June in 1955, he studied physics at Oxford University. The World Wide Web enables you to deliver web pages via the Internet. As well as the World Wide Web Tim Burners Lee also created the first web browser and the world's first ever website, http://info.cern.ch, which was launched on the 9th August 1991. This website explain what the World Wide Web was and what it did, the website also gave instructions on how to create your own website. Aswell as this he created a new computing language called HTML which most websites are still written in today. Tim also feature in the open ceromany of the London Olypics 2012. The short term for The World Wide Web is: www. which we put at the beginning of each URL

Alan Turing

Alan Mathison Turing was born 23 June 1912 in Chesire. On the 7 June 1954 he commited suicide. He was a mathmatician and a computer scientist who invented the first ever computer