The Language Arts Lowdown!

Volume 5, Issue 13 November 1, 2013

Here's the Scoop

Happy Friday, Parents! What a FUN week we've had! This week, we jumped into the "Halloween" spirit and had some fun with our activities! Please take a look at the photo gallery in this week's newsletter to enjoy the work your children have done!

4th Grade


This week, we continued our work with prepositions. We discussed how they answer those important questions like when, where, and how in our sentences. We found several examples of them throughout our reading, and discussed what types of questions they answered!

Word Study:

This week, 4th grade was on their field trip, so they did not have a spelling quiz. :)


This week's writing was integrated in our projects. We wrote about character traits in our novel, describing the character we turned into a pumpkin. We also did a "cold write" persuasive letter in the computer lab. We had lots of great practice using adjectives!


This week, we selected our next novel. These will go home with your student on Friday (I will drop them off in their classroom while they are on their field trip) In each book is a calendar with important dates and assignments.

5th Grade


This week, we used our novels to help us in creating our pumpkin characters. We found examples in the text to help us describe the character, both in physical and emotional states.


This week, we continued to review prepositions. We found them in our reading and our writing and talked about how they are being used in each version.

Word Study:

This week, we talked about how the vocabulary words in our novel are important in helping us comprehend in our reading.


This week, we did a "cold write" persuasive letter and they were AWESOME!!! I can't wait to share these with you when they go home next week! The kids were so creative and funny!

Greek and Latin Roots

This week, we reviewed all our words so far, creating "Root Word Arachnids" for our classroom. We each chose a different root, and wrote eight derivative words from the root onto the legs of their spiders!

Reading Requirements-2nd 9 weeks

4th grade:

1-Realistic Fiction

1-Historical Fiction

2-Non-fiction (Informational)



1-Poetry (in class)

5th grade:

all of 4th PLUS

1-myth/fable/fairy tale

1-Drama (in class)