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Using the PMS LMC databases for research

The PMS LMC Databases are:

The Destiny Catalog which leads you to WebPath Express which displays good databases for student research.

Factcite: Includes information about historically important people and events.

The RILINK databases which includes WORLD BOOK WEB allowing you access to encyclopedia information on a variety of levels and topics.

The Destiny Catalog and WebPath Express

You can search the Destiny Catalog for information contained in books available in the PMS LMC. By choosing WEBPATH EXPRESS the catalog also allows you to search the WEB for information posted on reliable websites that have been chosen especially for students. It is a search that leads to websites the have gone through the ABC analysis.

FactCite Database

We have subscribed to the FactCite Database because it offers information that is easily accessible to students on all levels. The log on information is:

Username: pmslibrary

Password: pmslibrary

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Use The Link on the Destiny Catalog homepage...

to lead you to information contained in the World Book Encyclopedia. You can select the type and level of encyclopedia to fit your research needs.