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September 5, 2015


This week we started journaling. This week's journal was titled, "My Kindergarten Journal." I asked the children to answer simple prompts. For instance, "At recess we........" Next week we will begin to share stories with one another and journal about these stories. The children will sign up for a turn and I will send home a note to help you prepare them to share their story. It does not need to be a complicated story, but you should help your child learn how to share a story that includes answers to "Who," "What," "When," "Where," and "Why" questions. As we begin to share and write about these stories, we will be expanding our understanding of language and literacy. I'm looking forward to watching the progression of skills throughout the year.

Ramps and Pathways Investigation

Ramps- September

Collecting Data

We did a number of games this week that challenged the children to create graphs, measure quantities, and map sequences. One graph included the simple question, "How do you get home from school?" We created a picture map to help us recall the sequence of our story, "Don't Forget the Bacon." Another way we collected data involved answering "yes" or "no" questions by placing a marble into a balance scale. We discussed how to interpret the results of the scale.

Buddy Reading

One unique characteristic of our new school is the diversity of age groups in the same building. We are excited to make a connection with some of our older students. On Tuesday, we met some 8th grade buddies who read to us. We will meet once a week with the same buddies all year to read together.

New Turtle Friend

Last week our class received a classroom gift as a pet. Ms. Heather kindly donated the turtle and we had a long discussion with her as she taught us all about the turtle. This week we needed to come up with a name for the new classroom pet. The children used a graph to help them vote on the name. The votes were so close that the children decided to give the turtle a first, middle, and last name. The name is Tinato Pearl Cobb.

What we've learned about the turtle so far:

Mariah, "The turtle sometimes snaps your finger so you have to be careful not put your finger in the tank because he could snap you and you would have to go to the nurse."

Esther, "Turtle is SO cute!"

Aubrey, "The turtle can bite a plate."

Ava, "The turtle loves eating shrimp."

Breah, "I saw a tiny fish in there."

Gunner, "The turtle is really small."

Braylon B., "Don't put your hand in the cage because he has germs and he might bite you."

Amy Kate, "It's a girl turtle."

Bradley, "It might bite you, so don't get in the tank."

Terrah, "The shell of the turtle is so hard."

Natalie, "The shell has dangerous germs on it. The light helps the shell dry to stay healthy."

Writing cards to thank Ms. Heather for our new class turtle

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