Come to Africa!

Experience savannas, rainforests, rivers, and deserts!


  • reaches for thousands of miles
  • high temperature with uneven rain
  • perfect for raising animals
  • Come see the beauty of the savannas today!


  • called the "Death Road"
  • more than 1,500 miles long
  • see the Sahara- world's largest desert
  • Come experience this once in a lifetime chance to see the world's largest desert


  • see kingdoms people built inside rainforests
  • wet and warm with bananas and rice growing
  • hot, steamy, and rainy weather
  • Come to Africa today to experience these rainforests!


  • you can follow the river line to get past the desert
  • mild climate along coast
  • see the Nile and Niger rivers
  • Experience these interesting rivers now!