Punjabi Wedding Rituals

Punjabi Wedding Rituals You Should Definitely Attend

Enjoy to attend Punjabi wedding rituals

Punjabi weddings are more of like an opulent get together of families from both the sides, arranged to give the newly married couples their hearty congratulations and blessings for the future ahead. Although there are numerous small rituals and rites performed by both the sides (bride’s and groom’s), some of them are common among a majority of the Punjabis like the Chooda or ghud chadhai ceremony. Let us take a quick look at some of these exciting rites and rituals:

1. Chooda- Taking place on the morning of the wedding day; here a set of cream ivory and red bangles is put on the bride by her eldest maternal uncle or mama. He is also responsible for presenting the wedding lehenga to the bride while rest of the relatives then help her tie the kaliras on her worn bangle set or kada.

2. Vatna- Both bride and groom are made to sit in front of 4 lit diyas and their friends and relatives then apply a paste of turmeric powder and mustard oil on their bodies to make their skin look radiant for the wedding ceremony.

3. Ghara Ghardoli- After removing the turmeric paste from her body, the bride is then accompanies by her siblings and relatives to the nearby temple where she is bathed by a pitcher full of holy water.

4. Sehrabandi- The father of the groom and elders of his family perform this ritual where they tie the sehra on the groom’s head.

5. Ghodi chadna- When the groom mounts the ghodi or mare, his sisters and/or girls in the family feed the mare which takes him to the wedding venue. The baraat procession is carried on with loud Bollywood DJ music and everybody dances along the way.

6. Milni- The family of the bride receive the baraat and sprinkle rose water on them in welcome.

7. Varmala- Here the bride and groom exchange flower garlands on a slightly elevated stage.

8. Phere- Phere ceremony includes taking 4 or 7 rounds around the havan fire while taking the promises for the married life ahead. The groom puts vermilion in the hair parting of the bride and ties a mangalsutra around her to seal the marriage.

9. Kanyadaan- This ritual signifies the giving away of the bride’s hand to the groom, freeing her of all duties and responsibilities she took in her paternal home.

10. Paani vaarna- The mother of the groom welcomes the new addition in their family with aarti and a pitcher of water.

Hope this article helped you in knowing a bit more about the Punjabi weddings which you previously only recognised by the swanky Sikh DJ playing.