The Toll Gate Tidings Tana

February 14, 2016 Edition

Important Dates to Note


2/15 - SGO review deadline

2/15-16 - Presidents Day/Mid-winter break - No School

2/17 - Faculty Meeting

2/18 - K 100th Day Celebration

2/18 - Family Math Night

2/19 - Paraprofessional meeting

2/19 - 1st Grade 100th Day Gallery

2/22 - 5th Grade Campfire/DARE Program

2/23 - Spirit Day! 1980's Day!

2/23-2/25 - 5th Grade Family Life

2/26 - Reading Rocks! Assembly

2/26 - K-3 Dyslexia checklists due to Tana

2/29 - 5th Grade Campfire/DARE Program


3/2 - Dr. Smith's monthly visit

3/2 - Read Across America Day

3/2 - HV Night Off!

3/3 - Parents Advisory Council meeting

3/3 - PTO meeting (4th and 5th grade updates)

3/4 - 3rd grade trip to Howell Farm

3/7 - Early Dismissal

3/9 - Faculty Council

3/9 - 1st Grade to War Memorial

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Please make sure you are checking over your SGOs to ensure you are on-track and your goals/data are appropriate. All changes must be made by February 15th. If you think you need to modify or edit your SGO, please send me an email (if I am the administrator checking your SGOs) or your supervisor, and let them know of your need to adjust your previous goals/data. OnCourse has just updated their system so that the admins can now edit and approve your new goals quickly, rather than having to go through Tricia Pinelli or Tony Suozzo.

If everything looks alright and no changes are needed, please send me an email (or your supervisor) so that you can be moved into the "Final Implementation" stage of the process.


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Tech Bytes by Vikki

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to share a link through email? Well, there is . . .

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Reading Rocks Assembly - 2/26

We will be following a Gator Gathering schedule for our February 26th "Reading Rocks" assembly. We will meet in the gym and be called down as we do for other assemblies. The program should last about 45 minutes.

Gator Gathering

8:35–8:55am Homeroom/MM

9:00-9:30am Gator Gathering

9:35 - 10:05am WIN/Academic Choice

10:07-10:58am Period 1

11:01 - 11:52am Period 2

11:55 - 12:46pm Period 3 – Lunch K, 1st & 5th

12:49 - 1:41pm Period 4 – Lunch 2nd,3rd & 4th

1:44 - 2:35pm Period 5

2:38 - 3:29pm Period 6

3:30pm Dismissal Call

Here is the link to their site:!about/cee5

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Toll Gate Treasures

From Vikki:

Our first Toll Gate Treasures will be published on February 26th. This is our literary publication of our students' work. We would like for each teacher to submit one or two samples of student work. We do not want a sample for each student. Just one or two from each class.

Different ways to share with me:

1. If it has already been typed in Drive, you or a student can share it with me.

2. You can type something that was handwritten and share or sent to me.

3. You can take a picture of work with your phone or iPad and share with me.

4. You can reply to this email letting me know that you would like me to come to your classroom and take a picture of student work for you.

It doesn't matter which one you choose, just try to get it to me by the end of this week.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Art Auction

Dear Toll Gate Staff,
On the evening of March 18, 2016, the Toll Gate PTO will be hosting its student art (live) auction and silent auction. This much-anticipated evening out, Together for Toll Gate, will be held at the Chauncey Center in Princeton and it is our school's major fundraiser for the year.

We hope to offer a number of special TG staff "auction experiences" that will allow students to spend time with their favorite staff members.

Want to host a group of students on an after-school nature hike? Host a "snacks and board games" afternoon in your classroom? Teach a group of kids a fun hobby you love? The possibilities are endless! We'd love to hear what you'd like to do!

Activities, event dates, and event details will be worked out before the March 18th auction and the parameters and number of "student spots" being auctioned off for your hosted event will be within your control. All the auctioned-off event proceeds, of course, will benefit the PTO's ability to support our school.

Finally, Toll Gate staff hosting an auction event will be rewarded with one ticket to the Together for Toll Gate auction (a $55 value).

Please contact Ashley Ryan (parent to Lily 4-S and Liam 4-W) at if you would like more information or are interested in hosting an event. Also, if you are considering hosting, but would like some assistance with ideas, feel free to reach out.

Thanks for considering volunteering and contributing to the success of Together for Toll Gate.

Ashley Ryan and Betsy Gicguel

Together for Toll Gate Co-chairs

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CHS-Sponsored Spelling Bee

The CHS Student Council will be running a spelling bee for all 3rd, 4th and 5th grade elementary students throughout the District. Please see the attached to this email for more information. Just an FYI in case you get any questions!
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Requesting Substitutes

Please make sure when you request a substitute, you are logged into your account. Be careful - many people are still logged into their own personal gmail account, and this will not work. Thank you!

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Interesting Article - Creating Digital Citizenry

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Timely Article for Teachers

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Fostering Creativity - What could YOUR students create?

Check out the videos on this site!
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Spring HVEF Grants

You can now submit forms for an HVEF grant! Click here for more details. Think of outside the box, cool things that might work great for your grade level or the building. Shoot for the stars!

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Click on the title for the link!
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