Exploring Spain

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Spain, Spain, Spain

Spain is one of the most popular countries for tourists in the world.

Spain is the fifth largest European country located on what is known as the Iberian Peninsula with long coastlines on the Mediterranian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

There are many things about Spain that make it a very interesting place to visit.

Many parts of Spain have a mild climate, especially along the southern coast.

The Iberian Peninsula has a very rich and complicated cultural history stretching back thousands of years.

Spain has been conquered and reconquered by Romans, Moors, and Christians with different kingdoms at times controlling different parts of the country.

Spain's rich history can be sensed in its historic architecture, which includes thousands of ancient castles scattered throughout the country as well as many ancient cathedrals.

The Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean and the Canary islands in the Atlantic Ocean are also part of Spain.


A trip to Spain should include a visit to at least one of Spain's ancient castles.

Finding a castle should not be difficult because there are hundreds and hundreds of castles scattered throughout the country.

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Spain has many magnificent cathedrals with amazing ancient architecture.

The cathedral of Santiago is very famous and awesome but there are many others.

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Spain's Beaches

Spain has thousands of miles of coastline and its beaches are very popular, especially on the south and west on the mediterranean coast where the weather tends to be very warm and mild year-round.
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Top 10 Festivals

  1. Running of the Bulls
  2. Las Fallas - excessive fireworks
  3. Tomato Fight
  4. Semana Santa - "Holy Week"
  5. Carnival Tenerife - dancing to the sound of salsa groups
  6. Castellers - Le Merce Festival
  7. Fiesta San Isidro - dances
  8. San Joan Festival - parade of horses and horse-drawn carriages
  9. Feria de Abril - fireworks
  10. St. John's Bonfires
Spain has a number of popular festivals. One of the more notable is the famous Running of the Bulls in Pamplona in northern Spain near the border with France.

This festival is great fun, as can be seen by the picture below.

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Spain is a huge country and there are abundant internet resources to aid in making most of your trip.

A trip to Spain could be a very fulfilling adventure, but you should plan on at least two weeks to even begin to experience the rich heritage and historical wonders of this country.