Evans' Parent Newsletter

February 28 - March 4, 2022

Things to know!

  • We are now 4 days behind on instruction thanks to Old Man Winter. That means every second of instruction matters! Please make sure students arrive on time, and schedule appointments for as late in the day as possible. If your child has to go to an appointment during the day, please bring them back so they don't miss the whole day. As always, students should be in school unless they are running a fever or vomiting. If you have any questions about whether your child should attend school, call the office at 903-583-2914
  • Just a reminder that students need to be dropped off at the gym doors. Please do not drop off your child by the office doors as this disrupts the flow of traffic.
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The 40 Book Challenge Continues

The Oldest Student: How Mary Walker Learned to Read

Character Trait of the Month: Cooperation

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Important dates

  • March 1 & 3 - Tutoring
  • February 28 - School Board Meeting
  • March 7 - Student Wellness Series (mental health) for parents @ 6:30
  • March 7-9: Student MAP/benchmark testing
  • March 11 - Cheer Tryouts for Grade 6
  • March 11 - Last day of the third quarter
  • March 14-18 - Spring Break!!!
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