Summer Reading project

By: Hannahgrace Hargrove

Chinese Cinderella

By: Adeline Yen Mah
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Character Analysis

Adeline was an outcast because they blamed her for her moms death.She was the youngest of three biological brothers. Adeline had a very close relastionship with her aunt Baba and her grandparents. She worked hard in school and was the top in her class no matter what she was in.She had to deal with harsh abuse and eventually her step mom disowned her. Through these times she stayed an excellent student and a leader.


Setting: Tianjin, Hong Kong, Saint Joseph's French Convient School, Shanghai

Main Characters: Adeline, Niang, Ye ye, Father, Aunt Baba, Lydia, Nai Nai, all siblings , Schilling Family

Rising Action

Adeline started kindergarten in 1942.

Adeline was abused and treated as not part of the family by her step mother.

Adeline excelled in school and her teachers gave her multible awards for her academic skills.

Step Mother gave them ducks and adeline named hers PLT ( precious little treasure ). The parents tested the dog and baited it to PLT and Adelines heart broke when PLT was eaten.

Aunt Baba and Adeline had a very strong relationship


The climax was when Adeline was forced by her Step mom to become a boarder at St. Joseph's. This was a diificult time in Tianjin because the communist were taking over the city.

Falling Action

Adelines Aunt Schilling rescued Adeline from Tianjin St. Joesphs Boarding School. The Schilling family takes her to Hong Kong. She is then taken to Mary Knoll covenient School to get reuntited with her family. But as soon as she gets reunited the family they leave.

It had been 2 years since she hadnt seen her family and unexpectedly her father comes and picks her up and tells her they Ye Ye has died. Father told her she had won the International play writing competiton in the 1952 school year.


Adelines father allowed her to go to London to become a doctor. Aunt Baba wrote her and told her that her life was similar to cinderellas life. And that she was very proud of her accomplishments and was going to be proud of her no matter what.