A perfect parent

Eastern parenting combined with Western parenting

On this flyer I will try to combine the Eastern parenting style with the Western parenting syle to see how a perfect parenting can be with both of these styles.
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About the picture on top

The picture on top represents a parent that spends time with their kids out doors

Western parenting style

Many parents have their different parenting style. The western parenting style parent lets their kid do whatever they want. They let them be on their phones all the time, be outside all the time. But when it comes to school they dont even bother to look at their childrens grades.

Eastern parenting style

When it comes to the Eastern parenting style,its a whole new world. First,the type of parenting style that they have is pretty unique. They wont let you have a social life or go out with your friend. Sometimes even a B is a bad grade for these parents. They will be on top of you all the time they will stress you out but at the end,it will all be worth it.
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Kids wont listen to their parents and get into arguments.

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Eastern parents can be mean most of the time but they only do it to prepare you for life