The CureTalk Weekly Round Up

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Hello readers,

We had a wonderful week which began with the return of President Obama to office. And I hope all our readers had a bright and safe Diwali. Well, we have been writing plenty and following some very interesting news and research. We bring a round up of last week here.


We announced the November Myeloma Cure Panel this week on CureTalk. The panel will be co-hosted by editor Gary Petersen and the expert on the panel is Dr. James Berenson from IMBCR. The topic of the panel discussion is Myeloma Treatment without Transplant.

Cure Talk buzzz...

Jennifer Myers wrote in on Exercise and Mental Health. A very relevant and thought provoking blog.
Pat Killingsworth updated us with myeloma stories. Click links to read them aspartame and myeloma, pomalidomide, and myeloma nutritional advice.

Its Thanksgivng week and we take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, participation, and good will. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be back next week with more on brain tumor research, heart attack, depression and medical breakthroughs.

Until then, stay healthy.

CureTalk Team