Be safe and prevent problems around and in water.

Water Safety

Water Saftey is Important!

It is imperative to know water saftey. Water Saftey can be the difference between someone's life or their death. If you have the quick mind to know what to to to prevent or stop a situation, you could possibly save a life.

Water Saftey Steps and Tips

Here are some tips to being safe in water:

- Always swim in areas where there are lifeguards or certified personnel.

- Swim with a buddy

- If you aren't a good swimmer, wear a life jacket

- Don't roughhouse in water

- If someone is in trouble try not to go in and have to get them. If you can, find something to throw or reach out to the person in distress.

- Make sure the swim area is safe enough to swim in. (No currents, wind, clear)

- If you are doing an activity like boating or skiing, be sure you have all of your equipment.

-If diving, make sure the water is at least 12 feet

- Do not run around the pool

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