Madi Cortez

Is there any places they can get better??

They have a hospital that they can go to. But the hospital is far away and the only thing that can get them there is there own feet. The hospital is limited to people coming in based on their injuries. It is a small hospital and they send many people back to their homes if they don't think their injury is serious enough for their time.

Do they have all the medicines people need to get better??

No, they don't. They actually only have limited medicines they can use on their patients. They don't have most of them because they lost them in the attack and couldn't get them back. They haven't figured out how to make them with the small resources they have but are trying to use the stuff they have. As they limit their supplys they only have a little of the medicines that survived the attack. They will run out in the next 4 years and its only been 3 years since the attack.

How long has this source been usefull??

Before the attack happened the hospital was never used and people never went there. It had new supplys but since people where rich and had nice things and good health they didn't want to go to the hospital. Ever since the attack people started going to the hospital, it hasn't been useful since he attack.