Paige Sitzberger

Type of Work, Environment, and What is Worked With

  • Announcers present music, news, sports, the weather, the time, and commercials. They also interview guests and moderate panels or discussions on their shows, and announce station programming information, such as program schedules and station breaks for commercials, or public service information.Many announcers research topics for comment and discussion during shows and read prepared scripts on radio or television shows.
  • They comment on important news stories, provide commentary for the audience during sporting events, at parades, and on other occasions, and select program content. Finally they make promotional appearances at public or private events. Now for environment. Self-employed announcers can record their shows at home and sell them to networks, individual stations, advertising agencies, or other independent producers. Radio and television announcers usually work in well-lit, air-conditioned, soundproof studios. Last we will go over if they work with people. Announcer do work with people because a lot of times they do interviews and announce with other people.
  • Working with Hands, Head or Both, Earnings, and Schedule.

    Do you want to supervise others?

    I think I would like to supervise others as long as I don't have all the power. I would like to have others to help supervise.

    Qualities, Training, and How I Can Do This Job.

    The qualities I would need are Computer skills, Interpersonal skills, Persistence, Research skills, Speaking skills, and, Writing skills. Training consists of a high school diploma, radio announcers should have a bachelor’s degree, and television announcers typically need a bachelor’s degree in programs such as communications, broadcasting, or journalism. I cold do this job because I am smart and could get those degrees, also I am persistent.