Cooper Tire & Rubber Company



Cooper tire was started in 1914 By John F. Schaefer and Claude E. Hart. The CEO is Roy Ames. the company owns no other buissnesses but has partnerships with companies like Mickey thompson, Herculese, Kenda,Kuhmo,and oliver tire companies


The company produces tires. the company is worth $3.4 billion dollars

The fourth largest tire manufacturer in the U.S.

Where cooper tires is headed

Profits and losses

the company saw a boost in profits in august 2014. The company saw less financial gain for December due to weakening december ties. Their net income for 2014 was 213.58 million.

The stock price is rising over the past few years I think this is due to an increase in tire needs.

Stock information

The symbol for cooper tires is CTB. It trades on the new york stock exchange. 52 week hi/low 23.19 39.35 Trading today is near the top. The final split took place in july first 1992 It split because the company was growing. 115362 shares Yes it pays .11 percent for dividends. 3/2/15 They rate the stock in the middle of a bear and a bull market.

Summary analasis

Cooper tires is getting into social media. Cooper tire is improving tire design. I think the article is increasing the stock.

Your vehicle is riding on about two inches per tire. if the tires are not well designed it could cause hydroplaning and less traction which could lead to more accidents Cooper tire Has a test track in texas where they test all of their tires. These tests allow cooper to make the roads safer.

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After learning about Cooper tires through the Project I can say I would purchase the stock again. I have made 147 Dollars in cooper tires. I have learned that if you want to make money invest in stocks as they are rising and sell them as they reach the peak.
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