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Bibliosoft (Electronic Library System) is a powerful, flexible and easy to use Library Management System, capable to automate, manage and look after all the functionalities of small to big libraries of colleges, schools, universities, medical libraries, legal libraries, corporate houses and charitable trust etc.

Bibliosoft is a software developed by the librarians and for the librarians. It offers many flexible and convenient features, allowing librarians and library users to maximize time and efficiency. On a networked system, this library software can enable users to save their time and also automate several processes.

Bibliosoft is capable of managing book issues, returns, magazine/newspaper subscriptions, book binding, periodical/journal bindings,

calculating/managing fine, special search options, generating various reports for record-keeping and review purposes according to end user requirements.

More over this software is fully compatible with bar code. Use of bar codes for library management eases the everyday tasks of big libraries, where the number of transactions exceed several thousands in number. Moreover, the software can work even without bar codes seamlessly. The bar code generation and printing process is a built - in feature of this software.

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Bibliosoft – Accessible & Customized Library Management Software

The word library is considered as the brain of the education institutes either is it big or small school, colleges or universities. Today education institutes understand the importance of library in increasing education standards. With the evolution of digital content, it becomes more important to manage catalogue of educational information with scalable Library Management System that will support the general prerequisite of the library like accession, catalog, circulation etc.

Library management software enables librarians and users to maximize time and efficiency. Library System gives detailed information about students, staff and books by click of a button. More ever there are historical record of everything that the library has engaged with.

It will track on the how many books are available in library and books issued to the teachers and students. All should be integrated to the institution’s Student Information System. It keeps the record of all suppliers and book binders. As part of the Student Information System, library management generates reports for management whether it is school librarian, college librarian or a large multi-site university.

Today in many schools and colleges, librarians use software application that are capable of managing Book Issues, Returns, Calculating/Managing Fine, Magazine /Newspaper Subscriptions, and Balances of payments due from Members, generating various Reports for Record-Keeping and review analytical data according to end user requirements. Student Information Systems like Classe365 integrates Library Management as part of its core module offering.

What to look for in a Library Management Software:

  • Library management needs to have a user-friendly application interface and integrated to Student Information System.
  • Library management should be Customizable.
  • It need to be configurable by the user.
  • Library System need to have pre-defined reports. These are used for normal reporting as well as administration & staff development purpose.
  • Staff as well as student records are maintained.
  • Newspapers and magazine subscriptions are maintained.
  • Automatic fine fees calculation is maintained.
  • Keeps record of suppliers and binders.

What can library management software offer schools, colleges and universities?

  • Greater access to accurate information.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Increased productivity.
  • More economical and safer means of storing and keeping track of library information.
  • Easier access to Information. Eg: management reports, stock and, accurate and faster results from statistical analyses.
  • To reduces errors.
  • Greater accountability.
  • Transparency in operations.
  • To improve efficiency and effectiveness in administration and management.
  • More reliable security for sensitive content cataloguing.

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Bibliosoft is the name of the library software that can easily manages all the tasks and record which is necessary to maintain the library like entries of books, which book issue to which student, its due date, fine, binding and many more other important functions. This library software is completely compatible with barcode. To know more about this software you can make a call at +91 81466-52452 or visit