Musician and Singing

Job Description

Musicians and Singers play for live audiences and recording studios.
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Job Responsibility

On the job you have to be able to travel around, audition for performances, and promote their career out to the world.
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Pay Information and Job Outlook

The hourly wage for Musicians and Singers is $23.50. Growth for this career will be due to increases in demand for musical performances.

Education and Training Requirements

There is no training or education requirements but most at least have a bachelor's degree.

Juilliard School New York, NY

Admission Requirements

To be admitted you must have done the ACT or SAT.
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Tuition Cost

The tuition for both in and out of state costs $38,390.
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Why This School?

I chose this school because it doesn't only have what I love which is singing it also has the instrument that I play. It is also good for my chosen career because it is a performing arts college.
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