Thinking in 3rd

Hastings , Simmons & Brice Newsletter- Volume 28

A peek at the week...


STAAR Reading Test (Tuesday)

Writing- Writing Process:Fairy Tales

Grammar/ Word Study- Sentence Storming


STAAR Math Test (Monday)


No Homework this week!!!

Upcoming Events:

May 9-13

Monday- STAAR Math

Tuesday- STAAR Reading

Wednesday- Running Club 3- 3:45

Friday- Poetry Cafe 1:00 Both classes will be in Simmons' Classroom

May 16-20

Tuesday- Adamson's Lagoon Field Trip

Friday- Variety Show

May 23- 27

Tuesday- Field Day

Wednesday- 3rd Grade Brunch

Mighty Mustang Awards @ 2:00

Thursday- 3rd grade Water Day (slides & fun in the sun)

Friday- Last Day of School

Sing-a-long 8:30

Early Release 12:45

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A Mother's Day Message...

Our blessings are abundant and being able to teach your children is at the top of them. Thank you, mothers, for sharing your babies with us. Enjoy your special day!
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Lemonade Day was a HUGE success!!!!

Thank you so much for all that you did to make Lemonade Day a success! As you know, Lemonade Day is a community wide educational program that teaches kids the entrepreneurial skills necessary to start, own and operate their own business, which in this case was a lemonade stand. Our students have been very excited about the event and proved themselves to be hard-working entrepreneurs. They have experienced the financial literacy TEKS for 3rd grade, not just read about them in the classroom. The students learned about advertising, marketing, human capital, profit and most importantly charity. Third grade will be donating ~ $2,000 to various local charities.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of our students. I was truly blown away by how well they handled themselves and the enthusiasm with which they approached this project.

Teamwork- Dedication- Enthusiasm- PRICELESS!!!

Field Day

Greens Prairie field day is right around the corner. Field day will be Tuesday, May 24th. With the summer Olympics soon upon us, we would like to incorporate an Olympics theme for field day.

All year long, each PE homeroom has had a color. Colors will correspond with the color of cone your class will report to. We would also like to give each class a country to represent. Some classes may decide to come up with a team name that represents their country, or dress in the class/country/flag colors.

We also would like to have an opening ceremony the morning of field day. If your class would like to create a flag for their country, we would like to include them in the gym. There will also be a torch passing.

As time gets closer, I will send out details with times and station info. Here are the countries and colors for each homeroom...



Poetry Cafe

We have astounding writers amongst us. These writers, these poets, these

amazing students would love to “WOW” you with their poetic skills this coming

Friday, May 13th at 1:00pm in the 3 rd Grade Pod. They will be sharing their

“Masterpiece” poems which they have been diligently creating. If you are able,

please come enjoy their success with us.