Oh The Places You'll Go

411 Report : October, Monday 9th - Friday 13th

What's Happening This Week:

Monday: A Day.

Tuesday: B Day. PLC's. PTO Meeting @ 6:00 PM.

Wednesday: C Day.

Thursday: D Day. Staff Mtg. 7:30 AM. Pizza Hut Night for ZE. District FLU Shot Clinic @ Riverbend [1-5 PM]

Friday: A Day. Mtg. w/the Dr. Hillhouse 7:45 AM. End of Quarter. Third grade author visit.


Attached are some documents needed to be filled out should a bullying incident arise in your presence.

Please refer to the below reminder to keep the definition of bullying clear:

*When someone says or does something unintentionally hurtful and they do it once, that is RUDE.

*When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they do it once, that is MEAN.

*When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they keep doing it - even when you tell them to stop or show them that you're upset - that's BULLYING.

I have put together a small packet with the above information as a cover page, a front back worksheet of ways to cope or handle a bully situation, and a front back worksheet of the blurb straight out of the student handbook. I will put one of these copies in each of your mailboxes if you find it useful I can come present it in your classroom or you can make a class set for your students to review if needed.

SIS Office Discipline Reports

Teachers may now enter Office Discipline Reports through SIS. Instructions will be handed out on Monday to all teachers. Remember to follow our discipline protocol prior to completing the SIS ODR.

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Dojo Down- Tell the student what they need to do and how they can earn back their point.
  3. Teacher Think-Sheet
  4. Principal Walk & Talk
  5. SIS Office Discipline Report & Parent Call Home by the Teacher

Be sure to follow the steps prior to putting in an Office ODR. However, severe behaviors may need the immediate attention of an administrator.

This Week's PLC Meeting

It is obvious that our PLC meetings are making teachers GREAT! New strategies take time to get the practices done with fidelity and rigor. Be patient with this new practice. It will be a win-win for your students and you.

The PLC meeting will include two agenda topics: 1. complete the accountability chart 2. Admin. will go to the teacher's room to hold a private conference over the PGP and SLO. No other agenda items for next week's PLC meeting.

Special Education Team will meet Tuesday, Oct. 11th at 4 p.m. in the Primary Lab.

One PLC meeting per month will focus on SFIT with Mrs. Flexsenhar being present. That will mean her Tuesday classroom lessons will be rearranged to allow her to attend the grade level PLC Meetings. Mrs. Brooks will attend the meeting with Mrs. Flexsenhar to share EL's testing data, as well as go over the strategies she's outlined for working with EL students and any accommodations included in their IAPs.

No PLC Meeting the week of October 16th-- Conference Week.

Stay strong with your commitment to our school 's goals. You are making a difference in our student's future!

Go Go Ghost Night - Title 1 Literacy Event

This is an opportunity to actively engage in relationship building efforts in the school community (Teacher Standard 9- Professional Collaboration).

Our Go Go Ghost Night promises to be the success it was last year with many families already sending in a RSVP. We currently have 59 families who have RSVP'd. 11 have offered to bring a vehicle and hand out candy. We hope with grade level and special area participating, that will bring up our vehicle numbers. I anticipate more vehicles as time goes on in the month, too. There will be 6 literacy stations, three in the gym and three in the cafe as we did last year. See Mrs. Miller with question about the event.

A pizza dinner will be provided to staff that participate in the event. RSVP for dinner with Rachel Kennedy.

Technology News- Mrs. Trower Building Rep.

  • Considering a tech fee vs. the insurance because only 85% participate on average
  • Can work offline with chromebooks. Make sure staff and students know this. Can access info on how to do it on MVMS library page or MVR3 homepage 1:1 Resources link at the top of the page.
  • Will be doing a secondary survey again this year to find out how parents and students feel about chromebooks.
  • Secondary is having a parent night at RB to show parents how things work on chromebooks (to combat fear of online textbooks)
  • Discussed the use of Clever in elementary buildings and that district decided on typing agent as the typing resource.
  • # of chromebooks should be getting better --- smaller buildings have more because they have paid for them out of building money. No carts from HS were pushed to smaller building this year, only bigger buildings.
  • 5th will go 1:1 next year (keeping at school only), that will be one more cart for bigger buildings.
  • Google Summit conference on Saturday the 14th for anyone interested.