Less is More

Shorter Classes= Higher Efficiency

When schools have longer class periods, students tend to get distracted easily. Our attention span on a task is for a very limited amount of time. When we have a longer class period we tend to leave all the work for the last 10-15 minutes and spend the begining 20-25 minutes doing tasks from other classes or playing games. This reduces the Quality of our work. Shorter classes will help in reducing this. Many schools have already started implementing it.

Some schools who have started implementing it:

District 87 Proposes Shorter Class Periods, Longer Lunches

Glenbard District 87 proposes to shorten class periods by two minutes to give students more time to seek help during an extended lunch period.

Shorter Is Better

Middle schoolers are a hormonal bunch. And in Anne Arundel County, they've been captive to extended class periods that defied the attention span of many adolescents and left them squirming or worse - bored. Now, after an exceedingly long period of review, Superintendent Kevin M. Maxwell has decided to revamp the middle school day to include more but shorter class periods. It's about time.