This Week in Geometry

December 14 - December 18

Grades and Progress Reports

Grades are currently being updated. I have entered all grades. They are not finalized yet, but should be by the end of the day tomorrow. I want all students to be able to know where they stand going into finals. A few reminders when looking at grades:

- If you see this (*) it means that there is no grade entered. This is most likely due to an absence. This assignment is NOT missing, even though it will be listed in the missing assignments because Skyward marks anything where there is no grade entered as missing. Rest assured that, at this time, that assignment is NOT hurting your student's grade.

- If you see a zero (0), this assignment IS missing and IS hurting your student's average. They need to complete and return this assignment as soon as possible.

Also, a reminder that the last day to turn in any missing work was Friday. The exception would be if your student failed the test on Friday.

Blackboard and Tutoring

Just a reminder that Blackboard is updated daily with calendar entries to let students know what they may have missed if they were absent. Also, the calendar has important events, such as marking period dates and test dates on it. I also post copies of assignments and handouts in Blackboard and attach copies of daily work assignments in Skyward.

Also, just a reminder that I am generally available for tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, if students are struggling and need extra help. If Tuesdays and Thursdays don't work out for your student, encourage them to talk to me, as I am here many of the weekdays after school and could likely arrange another day if they need it.

This week, I will be available on Thursday. Also, during finals week, all class meetings on Monday and Tuesday are bein used for review in my class, so students will have plenty of chances to ask questions if they need to.

Final Exams

Final exams will be given this week. A few reminders:

  1. I will be giving the final exam review to students on Monday, December 14. We will work on it in class both Monday and Tuesday
  2. Finals begin on Wednesday, December 16 (see schedule below)
  3. No backpacks will be allowed during finals (Wednesday - Friday). Students will be allowed to bring a folder/binder, so they will need to make sure to bring any review materials with them that they will need.
  4. No exams will be given ahead of time, as it is against CISD policy. If a student is absent, they will need to take their exam when they come back from Winter Break.
  5. Friday's early dismissal: students will be able to purchase lunch or bring their own, as normal. Dismissal will be at 12:05 pm. Please make every effort to pick up your child (have them picked up) no later than 12:15 pm. Buses will run as normal for students who qualify

Final Exam Schedule:

Wednesday, December 16

8:05 - 9:35 1st Period Review

9:40 - 11:40 3rd Period Exam

11:45 - 1:45 5th Period Exam

1:50 - 3:25 7th Period Exam

Thursday, December 17

8:05 - 9:35 2nd Period Review

9:40 - 11:40 4th Period Exam

11:45 - 1:45 6th Period Exam

1:50 - 3:25 8th Period Exam

Friday, December 18

8:05 - 9:35 1st Period Exam

9:40 - 11:10 2nd Period Exam

11:10 - 12:05 Lunch/Early Dismissal

This Week In Geometry

  • This week is finals week (see schedule above)


If you have any questions about anything on this flyer, the class, or your student's progress in class, don't hesitate to email me: