Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

November 17, 2016

What is going on?

Writing: Students will be writing an All About Book on a favorite holiday that they celebrate. We will be starting our study of verbs.

Spelling Words and Grammar: ask, brother, didn’t, four, keep, much, seven, try

We will be learning about verbs that show action this week.

Reading: We will continue to review expectations and the purpose for Reading Workshop. Each day, we will respond to our fiction and nonfiction texts to show our deep thinking.

Math: This week we continue geometry with the study of 2D shapes. We will review the types of quadrilaterals, verticies, and angles. We will complete problem solving with polygons. On Friday we will assess what we learned about geometry.

Science: After learning about magnets last week, we have 3 more days to explore and experiment! Starting Thursday, we will hop into our Holiday PBL.

PBL: This PBL will focus on Holiday Traditions around the world. We will learn about world cultures, compare them to each other, create a culture doll and posters for around the school. Students will learn how holiday’s have some similar customs, celebrations, and traditions.

Six Flags Read to Succeed! We make a class goal for every student in the class to complete this log to earn a free ticket to Six Flags! It is easy because we already read every night! I am sending home two logs! Keep one in a safe place, for when you cannot find the other! I want to collect them by Feb. 13th. We really get excited when everyone in our class earns a ticket!

Donations Needed:

We used a lot of my supplies for our PBL projects- If you could donate small science fair boards, letters, poster making supplies, sticker letters, stuff like that! We will be set for our next projects. Thank you!


Nov. 18th Field Day

Nov. 21st-25th Thanksgiving Break

Feb. 13th Six Flags Logs due

This and That-

Dear Parents,

We are excited to announce that we are beginning our second PBL project on December 1st. This PBL will focus on Holiday Traditions around the world. As an introduction students will record their winter holiday traditions that they celebrate; specifically focusing on food, clothing, games, dances and songs. . Therefore, if you could have a conversation with your child prior to December 1st going over your family’s holiday traditions this would be helpful for them to be able to have ideas ready to record.

One last thing….We will be discussing Christmas and the traditions that go along with that, including Santa Claus. If your family does not believe in Santa, please make sure to have a prior conversation with your child to explain this situation. There are many students in our class that do believe in Santa, and my goal is NOT to spoil the magic of Santa Claus for those that believe during our project. Thanks you for your help!

Have a wonderful break!

The Second Grade Team