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Discriminating African Americans

the black were not allowed to have shoes or socks they were for whites

The blacks were to be paid 13 dollars but were only paid 10

who were the 54th

they were the first blacks to be in the army and actually fight instead of siting back and not doing anything Lincoln need them because there were so many free slaves at once and no were to put them so they put them in battle

training the Massachusetts 54th

they had to learn to count and how to work together and march because unlike others black did not know how to do any of these things they were trained by a Irish man how pushed them all beyond there breaking point.

there first assignment in south Carolina

they were told they were to go get supply but they actually ended up burning down a entire village and stole all of the valuables they had for no reason except they were told to

no fighting just manual labor for the Massachusetts 54th

they where back to doing manual labor they cut down trees and carried them away to be used for fire wood homes and other things

the first battle on James island

they were able to take them down with out the loss of a lot of men and after they celebrated all of there training payed off

Massachusetts 54th volunteers for the attack on fort Wagner

it was highly likely that the first second third maybe even fourth were going to die they were just to wear down the enemy and to give there men a advantage in this battle

the attack on fort Wagner

the Massachusetts 54th did there best and held there ground but the truth was they were out matched the enemy had lots more men and more weaponry such as cannons they were no match but they got a lot farther then anyone ever thought they would have

the out come

they did mange to enter there base but they all died do to the fact they were out number but they did win that war with there sacrifice

the impact the Massachusetts 54th

there bravery gave others the strength to join the army to be as brave and heroic as the Massachusetts 54th was
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this is a picture of the battle of Fort Wagner

these picture are the money that represent the discrimination of the blacks and the labor they had to do witch was cut down trees

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the training of the 54th