Inhalants Drugs!

All The Tips Of Inhalants Durgs That Are In Your Home!

What Are Inhalants Drugs And What Are They Made Of!

Inhalants drugs are volatile substances that produce used in peoples homes, they have chemical vapors that can be inhaled. When inhaled the people will get a mind-alerting effect.
Types of inhalants drugs are= Spray Paint, Markers, Glues, Cleaning Fluids, Gasoline, Nail-Polish Remover, Lighter Fluids and Shoe Polish. These are just some of the many inhalants drugs.
Inhalants drugs were not intended to be a drug but the chemicals inside the products an effect on the mind and the body. The chemicals are fond toxic and should not be sniffed directly out of the bottle or container they are in.

Short And Long Term Effects!

Short term effects include, unconsciousness, headaches, dizziness, inability to coordinate movement and difficulty breathing.
Long term effects include, muscle weakness, disorientation, depression, damage to the heart, kidney, liver and brain, loss of memory and hearing loss.

Where Can You Find Help!